4 Home Medical Devices That Are a Life Saver

Since the formal health care system has become all the more complex, patients are being released from the hospitals without having recovered fully. This has led to an increased demand for medical equipment in non-institutional settings.  Besides helping fight against common diseases, such devices also assist in basic health care. The medical devices used at home range from simple ones to the highly sophisticated.

Amongst the most common reasons why people’s immune systems have been hampered include a hectic life, unhealthy habits, and an inactive lifestyle. It’s no doubt then why owning medical equipment at home has become a necessity. Here are a few devices worth investing in-

1)           Glucometer

By helping track blood glucose fluctuations, a glucometer acts as a lifesaver for patients with diabetes.  It’s common for a person to get confused, given the variety of glucometers that have captured the Indian market. The best bet for homeowners, however, is the self-monitoring glucometers.  These meters function with the help of a test strip that makes use of a patient’s blood sample obtained by pricking the skin. By helping you keep a track over your sugar levels, a glucometer also assists the doctor in prescribing medicines and making changes when required. Owning the device becomes a necessity, especially when there are insulin dependents at home.

2)           BP Monitor

Also known as a sphygmomanometer, a BP monitor is a device that helps measure the blood pressure of a person.  The procedure is performed via an inflatable cuff and manometer that these devices consist of.  The use of the device not only helps to regularly monitor the blood pressure but also assists the doctor in making quick medication adjustments to keep the pressure steady and healthy.  Advancements in technology have equipped BP monitors with advanced features, using which both systolic and diastolic blood pressure can be measured with accuracy.

3)           Weighing Scales

Most of us are accustomed to an unhealthy lifestyle that consists of a lot of junk.  Owning a weighing scale, therefore, is becoming a part of people’s lifestyle. These devices are helpful especially when one is indulged in a weight loss program. The purpose of a weighing scale is to assist in measuring body weight. They are available in two categories- digital and analog. Besides these two, there are also weighing scales that are equipped with advanced features such as body fat percentage calculator and BMI calculator for better assessment of your body. Just like dyspovan syringe pricethe price of weighing scales is also something you need not worry about.

4)           Nebulizers

Nebulizers are lifesavers for patients suffering from asthma, pulmonary disease or any other respiratory disease. The device assists in the administration of medication directly into the lungs. The medicine solution is converted into aerosol droplets via oxygen or compressed air in the device, which is then inhaled by the patient. Both portable and home use variants are available for nebulizers.  While the former runs on batteries, the latter is plugged into an electrical outlet.

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