5 quick and healthy tiffin ideas for kids

Being the mommy of a kid is not an easy task. With every stage of life as the child grows the challenges of the mother keeps on changing.  Many might think that once the child starts playschool, mommies can take it easy, but the reality is far from this. In reality, the truth is that once the child starts school, mothers have to rack their brains to find some innovativetiffin ideas for kidsthat can be considered as healthy and will appeal to the taste of the child.

The growing years are crucial for a child. In the first few years, the child needs to have a wholesome meal and get the required dosage of protein supplements for kids that are critical for them.

Here are 5 quick and healthy tiffin ideas for kids that might come handy.

Veggie Sandwich:

The fact about sandwiches is that they are super fun to make and eat. You can grate all kinds of veggies like carrot, cabbage, capsicum, cucumber and tomato and mix them with mayo and apply a thick layer of the mixture between pieces of bread. To make the sandwiches extra healthy, opt for multi-grain bread over white bread. Also, to appeal to the kids add a dash of tomato sauce in the mayo mixture to enhance the taste and color and voila, you have a winner with you.

Sweet Potato Fries:

Who does not like potato fries? All kids unanimously love to devour on crunchy potato fries. However, this can be easily switched with sweet potatoes instead to make it healthy for the kids. To ensure that the sweet potatoes have a crunch to them boil them first and then fry. Add a dash of periperi sauce of powder to make it taste like restaurant like.


Paniyarams are super healthy for kids. They are made by steaming fermented lentils and rice in a mold. The health quotient can be enhanced by a few notches by adding vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, capsicum and so on in the batter while steaming. This is a great way to smuggle vegetables into tiffin food for fussy eaters.

Ragi Pancakes

This is the era of superfoods and going back to our roots. For those mothers who are worried about the kid’s calcium intake, they can serve them ragi pancakes for tiffin.Ragi makes the bones strong as it has a high amount of calcium in them. Make pancakes by switching flour for ragi and make super healthy tiffin for your kids.

Boiled Eggs:

Eggs are considered one of the best protein supplements for kids. If the child likes to eat eggs, then boiled or water poached eggs are the best tiffin for them. This is a healthy tiffin that can be made appealing to the kids with a bit of garnishing to dress up the egg as Mr. Potato and so on.

Try these quick tiffin ideas for your kids, they will love them and ensure that they come back home with an empty box each day.

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