About us

We are pleased to present this exclusive medical site with all its added features for your quick reference and information about many diseases and how to cope with them.

This site involved more than three years of extensive research and data gathering both on the net and in various libraries. The information was gathered together and edited to enable lay people to get some basic knowledge of the body and how to take care of it. It is not possible to individually acknowledge all the sources of information; we are however grateful to all them.

We have added a ‘contact us’ feature to enable people to ask specific questions regarding their particular problems for the purpose of getting information about it. Our team of experts will provide the answers which will be sent to their e-mail IDs and also maybe posted on our site. No treatment advice will be offered or should be sought in this forum and no physician and patient relationship will exist or is implied.

We have provided access for our visitors to medical audio-visual and animation programs through ‘You-tube’ and other such sites. We are hopeful that this feature will add to the overall usefulness of this site.

We have taken great care to ensure authenticity of the information provided on this site as far as possible. We taken efforts to avoid all information provided by commercial entities especially ‘Internet marketing’ companies to promote their products or services.

Health-related information changes frequently and therefore information contained on this web site will be frequently updated.

Although we advocate the ‘Orthomolecular’ way and support other natural treatment concepts as the preferred route to better health, we have also given due importance to main stream medicine’s approach. We have left it to the reader’s freedom of choice and have not deliberately tried to influence them either way.

Our sincere objective is to enlighten the visitor. We believe that we have made an honest effort to achieve this goal.

We hope you enjoy the visit to our site and will be pleased to refer to this site as often as possible. We also hope that you will pass the word around and make this a popular reference site.

We are just beginning this journey today the 14th of April 2010 and hope to grow in quantity and quality because of the patronage we receive from you.

Regards, from the entire team of healthoracle.org

Dr. Paul J. Thanikal PhD



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