Best Element to kill the Cancer Cells used in Natural Cancer Treatment

Integrative oncotherapy is becoming a subject of interest for more and more physicians and patients. Many patients today seek natural remedies for cancer not as a primary treatment alternative but as an additional means to achieve an improvement in their quality of life during the treatment process. Try to revive the process of self-healing with natural remedies, natural cancer treatment and thus fight cancer.

Of the natural remedies for cancer, phytotherapy plays an important role. Preparations made from filters (Viscum album) are the most commonly used natural remedies in complementary oncotherapy. It should be noted that in addition to oncotherapy, these drugs are specially selected and are the most proven compared to other natural remedies. 

The medicine used in this natural cancer treatment contains the power of brown seaweed which is a good source of fucoidan.

Cancer is like an epidemic that is spreading worldwide. Despite numerous studies, it is difficult to say whether there are specific therapies that guarantee 100% remission. 

Cell Division and Cancer clarifies that cancer cells themselves differ significantly from normal ones. They no longer respond to many of the signals associated with cell growth and death. They originate from tissues and as they grow and divide they deviate more and more from normal cells. In biology, there is a phenomenon called apoptosis that any living organism has a cell. Its meaning lies in the self-destruction of the cell. A living, young cell can also self-destruct. Over time, these altered cells begin to divide more rapidly and manage to avoid even programmed cell death, although their numerous abnormalities make them targets for apoptosis.

Fucoidan suppresses the proliferation of tumor cells. By acting on cancer cells, fucoidan forces them to self-destruct, and most importantly, they act not only on the tumor but also on metastases in the body. 

Promotes cancer cell death

Because of their ability to promote tumor cell apoptosis, fucoidan extracts are exciting new alternative treatments for cancer. Fucoidan extract destroys tumor cells by weakening and inhibiting their vital systems (by stopping the reaction / action). When the cell’s internal systems are no longer able to generate enough vital energy, they can no longer function and die. Incredible, but fucoidan-induced apoptosis affects only tumor cells and does not affect healthy cells. This is because, fucoidan works in conjunction with the immune system, and the effect of fucoidan immune modulation is due to the fact that white blood cells do not target healthy cells. Fucoiden also helps to kills the proto oncogenes which after the mutation transform to oncogenes, the main reason behind tumors.

Fucoidan strengthens the existing immune system, providing it with the power to defeat deadly diseases. Promoting apoptosis blocks (prevents) the generation of energy in cancer cells by interrupting the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed for cancer cell growth and proliferation. It is important to note that there is no apoptosis and we should not be confused with necrosis. Necrosis, which is the death of cells caused by poisonous substances or damage, is very destructive and harmful to the body. Apoptosis is a natural and safe way of self-destruction of cells, without damaging healthy cells.

Fights and defeats tumors

Fucoidan extract also enhances the action of “natural killer cells”, which are the body’s primary source of invasive pathogens and diseases, including tumor cells. Fucoidan destroys tumor-causing cells by reducing tumor cell connections and colonization. By reducing the blood supply to the tumor mass, fucoidan “starves” the tumor cells until they eventually die. Numerous studies confirming the anti-tumor effect of Fucoidan show that it has a significant effect on inhibiting (stopping) the growth potential of the tumor, reducing the chance that the tumor will reach a critical mass stage.

Cancer treatment

Researchers have found that this seaweed helps some types of leukemia, lymphoma, breast, colon and stomach cancer cells to self-destruct. Fucoidan can be safely used in conjunction with chemotherapy because it actually works to reduce the damage caused by radiation and chemotherapy. Radiation and chemotherapy are directed against “rapidly dividing” cells (such as cancer), but unfortunately inadvertently destroy other rapidly dividing cells (such as hair and bone marrow cells). Fucoidan helps to restore damaged bone marrow and hair cells during this therapy, allows the body to regain its shape faster and reduces the uncomfortable and painful effects caused by this difficult but necessary treatment.

When treating cancer with traditional methods, the whole body is put at risk for defeating dangerous cells. In turn, normal, healthy cells are damaged and the immune system is shocked. Taking fucoidan not only promotes cell apoptosis, but it can also heal damage caused by traditional cancer treatments. Fucoidan alone or in combination with radiotherapy or chemotherapy can help you defeat cancer and similar health problems.

Fucoidan and Cancer

Fucoidan, an enhancer of the body’s natural response to eradicate tumors, and traditional cancer treatments can work together to significantly improve the life of a person with cancer. It reduces the side effects of chemotherapy (both quantitatively and severely) such as nausea, insomnia, hair loss, mouth ulcers and loss of appetite. With the help of Fucoidan it is possible to defeat cancer.

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