Great Understanding for the Depression Treatment Options for You

According to the head of the Ministry of Health, in our language there are many synonyms to indicate this condition, but society still does not want to recognize depression as a disease.

Depression is laziness,” “strong people find the strength to fight,” “it is less necessary to wallow in themselves often so relatives and acquaintances seek out people with depressive disorder instead of helping.

Facts About Depression

Depression is a disease that affects more than 300 million people each year, greatly affects their quality of life and work capacity, and can also lead to suicide. Every sixth time in his life he experienced a depressive episode. Women suffer from depression almost twice as often as men. Depression is often ignored and not diagnosed by doctors, and patients themselves do not rush to seek help. Only two in five people with depression, addiction or anxiety seek medical attention.

Depression can be mild, moderate and severe. In more than 50% of cases, depressive episodes recur, especially if left untreated. In addition to clinical depression (look for major depressive disorder), there are other conditions that have similar symptoms. With the social anxiety therapist near me now you can expect the best options available.

Depressive periods are with bipolar disorder (period of hypomania). A condition similar to depression accompanies premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Some people, especially in the northern latitudes, suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

Common symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression can be constant anxiety, depression or devastation, irritability, feelings of guilt, worthlessness and hopelessness, loss of interest in once favorite activities, fatigue and lack of strength, slow movements or speech, or vice versa, anxiety, anxiety , poor concentration, forgetfulness, change in eating behavior (overeating or refusing to eat), sleeping problems (insomnia, early ups, inability to get up in the morning), unwillingness to leave home, pain in different parts Il and suicidal thoughts. These symptoms are unlikely to occur simultaneously in a single individual.

In children, depression is manifested as irritability, pain, sadness, confusion, refusal to go to school, weight loss. Depression in adolescents is manifested as anger, feelings of worthlessness, isolation, tendency to harm themselves, to try drugs, unwillingness to communicate.

Depression myths

There are many myths in society about depression. Because of this, many people are ashamed of this condition, ignore the signs of the disease and do not seek help in a timely manner.

Myth: Depression is an outrage, and its work cures

True. Depression is triggered by life traumatic events, human genetic traits, hormonal changes, chronic diseases, and its likelihood enhances the traumatic experience of the past. Disability of a person with clinical depression is a consequence, not a cause of depression. Depression can be the result of stress through unemployment and a long period of poverty, while hampering the active search for a job and getting out of life.

Depression sometimes goes away on its own. Hence the misconception that some actions have led to recovery, but often to overcome depression requires medical treatment and psychological help. Ignoring depression can last for months or years, recurrently, or lead to suicide.

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