Healthy Ways to Keep Toenail Fungus from Developing

Yellow and thick toenails may not be painful for many and they ignore them with a feeling that they will vanish on their own. It is not the right thing to leave toenail fungal infection untreated because it can spread and over time cause pain while walking. You may take care of it in several ways like OTC antifungal gels, creams, nail polish, or other home remedies. Before the condition aggravates, it is wise to visit a nearby podiatrist to identify the severity and stop it from progressing.

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Preventing toenail fungal infection is not a priority but it must be. We are surrounded by fungi nearly everywhere around. Fungus strives in warm, moist, and dark places like in shoes. Therefore stumbling on the common Onychomycosis fungal infection is relatively easy. According to a survey, 14% of the population gets affected by a toenail fungus infection. 

How does toenail fungus infection occur?

Even if FDA has laser treatment for toenail fungus, it is sensible to understand how the infection occurs. Micro-organisms Dermatophytes spread the fungal infection. They feed on keratin, which is a protein available in your nails and hair. 

Several factors are responsible for developing the toenail fungus. 

  • It can be from a skin infection like an athlete’s foot, which gets transferred to your nail. 
  • The wrong footwear can traumatize toenails making them weak and vulnerable to fungal infection. 

The nails get discolored, thick, and brittle. Thick nails are painful and pressurize underlying nail-bed. Nail beds can develop an ulcer in senior citizens as pressure and inflammation increase. Toenails can crumble as well as separate from the nail bed, which is painful. 

Diabetic foot problems: Symptoms, treatment, and foot care

Toenail fungus is contagious and can be resistant to treatment. However, laser toenail fungus removal is the best way for people with severe infections. Diabetic people must ensure to treat nail fungus ASAP with the help of a doctor. To avoid toenail fungus from developing is better to prevent it.

Healthy ways to keep away toenail fungus infection

Good hygiene practice is necessary for the entire body including your toes and nails. 

  • Cut toenails correctly with a properly washed or sanitized nail clipper or scissors. Cut them straight and file the sharp edges gently.
  • Shoes must never touch the toenails. Physicians recommend shoes with a wide toe box because it does not cramp the toes. 
  • The footwear has to be breathable allowing air to circulate across the feet, keeping the environment dry and less vulnerable to developing toenail fungus. Leather and canvas are breathable materials.
  • Avoid wearing damp shoes. Invest in 3 to 4 pairs of good footwear and rotate them. It ensures that the shoes get thoroughly dried in the open.
  • Avoid visiting public areas like locker rooms, showers, and public pools barefoot. Wear sandals or flip-flops in a moist environment. Public places are full of fungi.
  • Spray shoes with antifungal spray. 
  • Wear clean socks every time.
  • Wash your feet thoroughly and dry the toes in between because moisture gets trapped in there.
  • Never share towels or shoes.

If you feel discoloration in the toenail visit a podiatrist nearby before it turns complex and you have to undergo toenail fungus laser treatment

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