How Result of Hair Transplant could be Natural

Hair restoration is a single sophisticated method that offers significant relief for hair loss patients who are suffering from pattern hair loss. The hair transplant surgery is a single method that helps in attaining the natural look back with full of aesthetic and natural results. The hair transplant in Jaipur offers many benefits to the patients who come from all over the world. The hair transplant cost in Jaipur may be a subjective matter to decide upon and one may re-think the matter in the light of relevance and cost feasibility. Why one should pick Jaipur for the hair restoration surgery and the answer is responded with the facilities and service measure.

The procedure of hair restoration applies the transferring process by which hair follicles from the DHT-resistant zone is extracted and followed by the dissection process sent to the implantation process.

The extraction/harvesting of hair roots is done either by the FUT technique or through the FUE method by which a surgeon gets able to obtain the best number of grafts meet the cosmetic requirement of the surgery.

Extraction in the view of Natural Results:

The extraction process of hair roots should be performed in such a way that one can obtain the best feasible number of grafts without the chances of surgical hazards. The extraction via the FUT technique in spite of having the incision and suture work leaves minimal scars and pain. However, it is a key role in the surgery to perform the extraction job with full of aesthetic effect without the chances of the pain and scars end up with the natural result of the surgery. When the extraction is performed via the FUE method, it leaves multiple donor scars difficult to camouflage and thus not considered as the recommended option in the restoration fraternity. However, going with the strip harvesting step for obtaining the grafts is considered as one of the best ways to attain natural outcomes.

Dissection of Hair roots help in achieving the aesthetic results:

It is the process of hair root dissection by which a surgeon gets able to obtain the best feasible number of hair roots without any chances of desiccation or damages. The hair root dissection step helps in obtaining the maximum number of grafts that are finally used to treat the affected areas followed by the healthy implantation of the grafts at the respective areas of hair loss. The factor that is needed to be considered while expecting the natural result is about the application of dissection, which is only possible with the strip method of the hair transplantation.

How the surgeon’s Expertise is needed to achieve the utmost Natural Results?

The artistic sense of the Surgeon is required forplanning to perform:

The aesthetic sense is needed as much as the surgical precision in the hair restoration surgery. This is the aesthetic sense that helps in planning and crafting the right hairline design, a core concern in the hair transplant surgery, evaluates the implantation goal as well as for deciding and processing the slitting process to maintain the aesthetic effect and result of the surgery. The artistic ability is not a day-one job as it comes after many years of experience and excellence in the same field. The speculation and forecasting ability is also needed on the part of the surgeon to attain the best surgical effect of the procedure.

The performance offered by the surgeon is rated based on the most undetectable hairline design as well as the irregular placement of the grafts that are crucially needed in the hair restoration surgery.

So, the hair transplant results are measured based on hairline design and right zigzag placement of the hair follicles on the recipient balding part of the scalp.

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