Is it the right time for a facelift?

If signs of ageing are starting to get you down, then now is the right time to consider a facelift or neck lift. Unlike in the past, it is easier than ever before to look younger thanks to advancements made in cosmetic surgery.

Why consider a facelift?

If you are considering a facelift, you are joining millions of people who are undergoing different cosmetic procedures every day. The number of people going for cosmetic procedures has risen rapidly over the past five years. Currently, people between the ages of 40 and 70 are mainly pursuing cosmetic treatments to shrink, smooth, or tuck different areas of their bodies.

According to Healthline, many people undergo facelifts to redefine their jawlines, alongside other appearance-related reasons. Sometimes, a facelift is the only available solution when you begin to notice extra skin around your chin.

Different facelift options for you

According to Stanford Medicine, there are 3 facelifts available: standard, mini, and a necklift.

Standard facelift

This procedure would be suitable for you if you’re above 50 years old and have sagging skin on your chin. According to UCSF Health, the standard procedure can take 15 years off your appearance, rejuvenating the face by tightening the skin on the neck, jowls, and cheeks.

Mini facelift

This procedure is suitable for young people, especially those below 40 years of age. Unlike the standard facelift, a mini facelift slightly tightens the jowls and face, but little is done to the neck.

Neck lift

If you are experiencing early neck looseness, then a neck lift is more suitable. This procedure solely focuses on the loose skin on the neck with little cosmetic work on the jowls and cheeks. It is a good option for young people or those who have previously undergone a standard facelift.

Why get a facelift today?

You might want a facelift if you have lost your well-defined jawline. Moreover, if you have deep wrinkles, deep folds, loose skin wrinkles, and sagging skin on the cheekbone, you could benefit from the procedure too. According to Medical News Today, a facelift will give you the following four benefits:

• It tightens and removes sagging skin
• It lifts the corners of your mouth
• Reduces cases of cheek drooping
• It eliminates wrinkles and creases between the lips and cheeks

A facelift is expensive but essential in keeping your face rejuvenated. With the advancements made in cosmetic surgery, wrinkles, folds, creases, and sagging skin should not stress you out anymore. Nonetheless, you should take good care of your skin by avoiding stress, minimising alcohol intake and smoking, and eating healthily.


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