Is There a Hair Detox Shampoo That Actually Works?

There are over 25 million marijuana users in the US. Over 150 million tried some kind of drug once in their lifetime. Can you imagine what kind of number this is? It is around half of the population. Almost all these people work and have to face those annoying drug tests that they must pass if they want to keep their job.

Lately, the hair follicle test is the most popular option among employers. This is because it is able to detect drug use for the past 90 days. As a comparison, the urine test that was the first option for a long time can track narcotic use for the last 30 days.

The follicle option is also the first option as it is very hard to be faked. It’s nearly impossible to make fake results because the hair on your head can’t be switched with someone else’s. This is pretty easy when it comes to the urine test, but here – it’s not that easy.

The solution for passing the follicle test is called a detox shampoo. The problem here is that there are lots of detox shampoos on the market but almost all of them have a notorious reputation for not working. However, almost all don’t mean absolutely all of them. There is one solution that works in 99,9% of the time if it is used the right way.

So which one is it already?

It is called Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo. This shampoo is based on science and doesn’t lie about how you need to apply it and what results you can expect. There’s a special way of using it. You’ll see it on the label and in the instructions manual. Read it carefully before using and make sure you follow it. See some more on it on this link:

In short, it says that you need to wash every day and up to 4 times. You have to do this for at least a 10-day period of time even though it’s recommended to do it for 2 weeks just to be sure. After this, your hair will be toxin free from everything that was buildup there over the years. Among all that, you clean yourself from the drug substances too.

Words are cheap, why others fail then?

We don’t say others fail, we say that this one surely works. And it works because it’s based on science. How?

The main ingredient of this shampoo is propylene glycol. This is a chemical substance that is able to literally strip the follicle and make it open like a seashell ready to let everything out. The important thing here is that every single hair on our head has over 12 layers before the shampoo can reach the actual toxins and wash them off.

That’s why other simple shampoos don’t work. They don’t do a thorough job. When the follicle is opened, it’s really easy for the shampoo to wash everything there is inside. Of course, if you don’t do this often and enough days as recommended, some of the substances will stay inside and will show up on the test.

How to be sure that I’m ready for the examination day?

You can’t be sure just by looking at your hair. The manufacturer guarantees that you’re clean, but we recommend taking some of the home follicle tests that are being sold online. They’ll give you the results before you even do this at work or at the hospital.

Some people have a slower metabolism and others have a faster one. The average growth rate of normal human hair is around 0.5 inches per month. Of course, this is not a fixed number so if you have a slower metabolism or if you’re older, it will grow slower.

Why is this important? Because the human hair keeps the toxins inside for three months as we said, and the doctors will only take a sample that’s closest to the shaft so they can see as far as possible. Examining these parts give a clear idea of what you did for the past quarter year.

Not knowing what’s going on with your body can be pretty frustrating and that’s why people often reach for other methods that make them sure they’re clean. One of those methods, if not the best, is called the Macujo method. Learn more about this here.

What is this Macujo method?

It is a combination of chemical solutions that are proven to work and help people pass the follicle test. It’s done with 4 solutions – vinegar, pink clean and clear, aloe rid, and tide detergent – in that exact order of applying. It’s important to notice that you need to stop taking drugs at least 10 days before the procedure. For best results, it’s recommended to do this at least 2 weeks before.

What you should do is first wet your hair a little and then rub the vinegar deep inside the scalp. After this, you should add the clean and clear solution and also rub it good. This is a skin protection formula so you don’t have to worry about negative sides.

After this, you should let your hair rest under a plastic shower cap. This is a time for preparation for the main ingredients that will fix the problem. At this time the pores open up and allow the next solutions to get deep inside the skin to treat the follicles.

After 30 minutes wash this with the Aloe Rid shampoo. Use it as a normal shampoo that you’re used to showering every day, only this time do it more thoroughly than usual. You want to get as deeper as possible so you make sure that the ingredients reach the deep parts of the scalp.

Once you washed off, do the same procedure with the tide detergent. This is a strong chemical but don’t worry, if you see your hair getting damaged, don’t panic. In order to get the best results, it’s best if you damage it. It’s nothing special, using bleach damage it way more, so this is nothing special.

Do this again on the day of the examination. After all this, you’re 100% clean and you can take the test.

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