The Dangers of Combining Cocaine and Alcohol

Drug rehab centers in Wales and surrounding areas are making their patients ever more aware of the risks of mixing alcohol and cocaine. A lot of drug rehab center patients describe their use of cocaine as a compliment to their use of alcohol. Anywhere from thirty to sixty percent of users consume the drug exclusively along with alcohol.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant, which acts to fight the depressive characteristics of alcohol and enables drug rehab center patients to drink more amount of alcohol without passing out. On the other hand, they understand better than their parents that when cocaine is combined with alcohol, a new drug was created in the body, which is very toxic.  This powerful drug is called cocaethylene and is the only notorious example of the body creating a third drug if two others are mixed. This drug is developed in the liver after alcohol and cocaine are taken as one.  Both have stimulating and euphoric effects; on the other hand, it is much more deadly and lethal than cocaine alone.

Those who are outside the world of pharmacology have heard of the substance called cocaethylene. But a lot of drug rehab centers out there rarely find any of their patients who are familiar with it. Drug rehab centers tell their patients that the substance created is very risky and dangerous to the liver.

The liver is not just the organ that severely affected by this substance. If you are 30 to 40 years old and consumed alcohol and cocaine, you will be prone to a heart attack. This is because cocaethylene is extraordinarily toxic and lethal to the cardiovascular system. Sudden deaths from cocaine persuaded the occurrence of heart failure when this substance is present. According to the research, those who consume alcohol and cocaine are eighteen times more likely to die due to cardiac arrest compared to those who make use of cocaine alone.

In the past, a lot of people believed that some died from combining alcohol with cocaine because they are overly sensitive to alcohol. On the other hand, in current studies using rats, experts have discovered that toxicity resulting from mixing alcohol and cocaine is not because of improved sensitivity to alcohol for cocaine users.

Cocaethylene is indeed a very powerful substance that has very powerful effects that may help to clarify the growing attraction of mixing alcohol and cocaine.  A study by scientists at the University of California’s Drug Dependence Research Centre a few years ago noted: “The combined use of cocaine and alcohol can generate a sense of improved as well as prolong euphoria, compared with the use of either substance on its own.”

Rehab stories are showing that a lot of users of alcohol and cocaine make them feel alert, sharper as well as smarter, more together mentally. Users also commented that the combination of cocaine and alcohol makes them feel high and”sober” for a long period while partying.

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