Awesome Cannabis-Themed Gifts for “Happy Birthday to You” Day

Not many individuals are privy to all the weird celebrations and holidays around the world. It’s a surprise that despite all the political warfare, hostilities, and negative events happening in this world, there are still holidays being celebrated every single day.

One of these obscure events is “Happy Birthday to You” day, done every June 27.

What is this day all about?

“Happy Birthday to You” day commemorates Mildred Hill and her sister Patty Smith Hill contributions. The sisters originally published a song named “Good Morning to All” using this tune.

While the song was originally under copyright and interested individuals had to pay royalties, today, individuals around the world can freely sing this song.

Celebrating with Cannabis

Since this day is all about celebrating happy memories and turning one year wiser, there is nothing better to do than celebrate with pure CBD oil. With CBD oil known for its anti-anxiety and anti-depressive properties, you will surely have a grand time with this in your arsenal. Not to mention, with its heart healing properties, you are on your way to adding one more year behind you.

Below are some ways you can celebrate with cannabis. Better yet, you can give the items below to yourself or to a friend celebrating their birthday today:

  • For the Food-Loving Individual

If you or your friends like making something mean in the kitchen, you try your hand in making marijuana beef jerky. While this recipe from Cannabis Cheri calls for cannabis tinctures, you may also ask your pops to experiment with your own bottle of CBD oil. As foodies, you will definitely like vegan CBD gummies.

  • For the DIY Enthusiast

Appreciate tinkering and making your own things? Give yourself the gift you deserve by buying a vape kit. As a starter kit that breaks away from the traditional, this will give you and your friends novel ways to enjoy CBD oil. To make your foray and experimentation exciting, you might want to throw in some CBD oil in a variety of flavors.

  • For the Home Body

An odor removing set will be a godsend during an emergency. Whether you have impromptu guests coming over or you just want the house to smell less funky, the odor removing set from Cannabolish does the job. The set already comes with a candle, a home spray, and a travel-size spray. Made without toxic chemical and artificial fragrances, you can make any space light and refreshing with just a few spritzes.

This coming June 27 make sure to show your happiness and appreciation for your life by doing something for yourself. While you are at it, make sure to sing this tune to yourself.

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