Find Out: Reasons Why CBD Doesn’t Work On You

The CBD craze isn’t going anywhere and a lot of people can’t seem to stop talking about how great and lifechanging this product is. Probably by now, you are already influenced by a couple of friends to try CBD oil, CBD topical and other cannabidiol-infused products. If you’ve taken CBD products and feel nothing, you might be doing something wrong.

Find out why cannabidiol isn’t working for you.

CBD and Endocannabinoid System

Cannabidiol is absorbed through the endocannabinoid system or the network of neurotransmitters and receptors responsible for sleep regulation and other vital processes. These processes include digestive, pain perception, stress responses, cardiovascular and mood or behavior.

Ideally, if CBD is consumed through the mouth, applied to the skin or inhaled, this compound will be transmitted to the endocannabinoid. It will only take a few minutes before an individual can feel a sudden shift in their mood, relief from pain, ease from anxiety and depressive episodes.

Naturally, CBD is absorbed easier when inhaled as it passes through the lungs and the bloodstream. This method is the most effective and perfect for those who need immediate relief from pain.

One reason that could explain why CBD isn’t reacting the way it should is because the product isn’t high-quality. Some products claim to have full-spectrum and organic CBD, however some of these have bad reviews. As a buyer, it is crucial to buy high-quality CBD products to get your money’s worth.

It’s also important to know the type of oil you are buying.A full-spectrum CBD oil can mean that there are other active compounds in the product. A blend of other types of cannabinoids can be a good start, especially if you need CBD for chronic ailments like extreme pain. Choosing a product with THC percentage is very effective for reducing pain like migraine, joint and muscle pain.

Another reason why cannabinoid isn’t working for you is because of the wrong administration. Note that for CBD oilmust be under your tongue for roughly 60 to 90 seconds for faster absorption. Meanwhile, for topical CBD, rubbing the product into the skin for 30 seconds to one minute is important to get a proven result.

Finally, note that some products react differently on a person’s body unless you will pick a higher dosage and with THC content. For first-time users, it is recommended to try the lowest dosing to get your body used to the compound.

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