13 Kinds Of Food You Can Eat Following An Oral Surgery

Getting an oral surgery will leave you unable to eat many kinds of foods. It’s useful to know specifically which foods you can eat and which ones you should avoid. This way, you are able to take care of your oral health while you are on your way to full recovery.

The kinds of food that we’ve listed below are the ones that most oral surgeons Alexandria VA would suggest you keep to. We included the reasons why they’re viable options for you and what alternatives you have in case some of the foods below are inaccessible for you at the moment.

  1. Ice cream

The last thing that most people expect on a list like this is the first thing that we’ve listed. It’s okay to spoil yourself with ice cream which requires minimal effort to eat.

  1. Broth-based soups

When you get oral surgery, you are going to have a tough time moving your mouth without getting into a lot of pain. That’s why broth-based soups are great for your protein.

  1. Applesauce

The smoothness of applesauce makes it easy to eat right after an oral surgery. It also contains a lot of vitamin C as well as dietary fiber.

  1. Fresh smoothies

Making your own smoothies is a fun activity that can be done effortlessly. Getting a smoothie down into your stomach is also effortless.

  1. Eggs

There are hundreds of ways for you to cook eggs. That’s why it’s one of the best options that people who go through oral surgery have.

  1. Cheese

The staple of most oral surgeons Alexandria VA when they’re asked what a person who recently went through surgery can eat. Cheese is a good source of probiotics as well.

  1. Pudding

Jell-O is a food that’s easy to eat that won’t bore your tastebuds. You can get them in packets or you can create your own if you want to create your own flavor.

  1. Mashed potatoes

You can’t go wrong with mashed potatoes. They contain lots of fiber and you will not have a tough time eating them even if you just had your wisdom teeth removed.

  1. Yogurt

Another common suggestion from oral surgeons Alexandria VA in the choice of foods is yogurt. Just make sure you avoid the yogurts that contain granola.

  1. Instant oatmeal

Oatmeal can be prepared in a variety of ways. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can always get instant oatmeal for something that’s convenient to prepare and eat.

  1. Congee

Congee is a type of rice porridge that you’ll be able to eat easily. It can be prepared with rice and a variety of ingredients that you can choose.

  1. Fish

Soft tuna or lox are great choices if you are craving for fish but don’t have the capacity to chew currently. Avoid canned fish that are definitely going to be hard for you to chew on.

  1. Soft cheesecake

Another choice of food that you can easily eat and spoil yourself with. Soft cheesecake will help you feel a lot better while you recover from oral surgery.

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