5 CBD-Based Beverages You Should Try

The rising popularity of CBD in all sectors has made the oil an instant hit even in the hospitality industry. In fact, many of the most in-demand beverages available in the market today is made up of cannabidiol. From coffee, juices, smoothies, energy drinks, to alcohols, CBD-infused edibles are easily taking the beverage field by storm.

Interested to have a taste of these trendy drinks? Who wouldn’t? For your guide, here are some of the most popular types of CBD-based beverages you should try this hot season.

Take a look:

  • Recess

Designed with a neon touch that exhibits a minimalistic theme, Recess CBD drinks remain faithful to its name: “Each can is a moment to reset and rebalance.” Infused with hemp extract, American ginseng, L-theanine, and Schisandra, this drink is meant to grant you a soothing cool sensation that reduces stress and boosts balance. It is available in different flavours, such as Blackberry Chai, Peach Ginger, and Pom Hibiscus.

  • Dram Lemongrass

Infused with 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this energising blend of adaptogenic herbs is said to be an effective energy drink that minimises anxiety, reduces stress, and banishes mental fatigue. It comes in three, fresh-from-personally-grown flavours, namely Gingergrass, Lemongrass, and Sweetgrass. Aside from its stress-reducing and energy-inducing effects, DRAM also prides itself with its calorie and sugar-free quality.

  • Mountjoy

Named after its founder, Alex Mountjoy, this cannabidiol-infused bubbly water is made with organic, industrial hemp and distributed using recycled plastic bottles. It comes in five natural flavours, namely Blackberry, Lemon Lime, Orange, Peach, and Natural, all of which containing 10 milligrams of CBD per serving. Like the DRAM drink, the Mountjoy also has zero calorie – No carbs. No sugars.

  • CBD Living Water

Made with 100% organic and natural hemp cannabidiol extracts, the CBD Living Water uses Nanotechnology and Quantum Physics to come up with a CBD water that is suitable for your gym or yoga classes. Given the cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory and calming quality, this water is the perfect drink after a long, sweaty activity.

  • Green Roads CBD Coffee

What better way to enjoy your morning coffee other than with cannabidiol? Priding itself with only the purest cannabidiol extracts and caramel aroma, Green Road’s CBD coffee combines the benefits of CBD and coffee into a single cup that is sure to provide you with an extra positive push to start your day.

Have a taste of these organic drinks oozing with unique flavours and unlimited benefits. Schedule for a beverage trip with your friends and take a sip of each CBD-infused drinks listed above.

Savour the flavour of cannabidiol and quench your cannabis thirst today.

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