5 Sex mistakes every man should avoid

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One would come across a lot of tips and guidance on what to do to make your date night extra special. However, not many will talk about what NOT to do to ensure that you have a smooth sail with your partner without facing any hiccup. 

First time sex is always special. But most men make some common mistakes during sex that ruins the moment.

We have listed out 5 such common sex mistakes that every man should avoid.

#1: Stubble Trouble:

A bit of scruff might look sexy on you, but your partner might not like the same during a moment of passion. Shadow stubble is something your partner may not like in bed for its small scratches and irritation on the skin. The micro-abrasions on the skin can irritate, and your partnermay feel put off by the same.

#2 Do not be over conscious:

Many men are overly conscious about the way they look and appear to their partner. It is important to be well-groomed and deliberate about your looks, but you shouldn’t be too conscious about your looks as this may spoil the moment as you are too caught up in your appearance. All this starts to hamper their performance in the bed.

#3 Be prepared:

We all know that precaution is better than cure. You should buy a condom online before and keep it handy. Do not wait till the very moment and start looking for one during the act of pleasure as it breaks the momentum and your partner might lose the intensity and passion if you halt or break the momentum.

#4 Take time out for foreplay

Remember, just as it is important for one to warm up before exercising it is also important for you and your partner to indulge in foreplay discovering each other’s sweet and sensitive spots to heighten the pleasure before climaxing. This will help to strengthen your bond with your partner and ensure that both derive maximum pleasure out of it.

#5 Do not get monotonous:

Just as variety is the spice of life, it is also the spice in bed. Don’t hesitate to try out new things with your partner to keep the fire alive.

Here we have listed five common mistakes that most men perform while in bed. These mistakes are best to be avoided to ensure maximum pleasure and enjoy the most intimate moments with your partner.

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