All you need to know about vertigo types and symptoms

Most people must have heard about Vertigo disease, but they do not know what the reasons behind its occurrence. The ear of a human is divided within three layers, of which the first upper layer is the second middle layer and the third inner layer. From these, the inner layer is considering to be the most critical layer that attaches to the brain of a direct human being. The entire balance of a human body rests on this inner layer so that it can understand gravity. Whenever a problem occurs in the innermost layer of our ear, it attacks the brain of man, causing a disease called Vertigo. Many of  Vertigo specialists are available in the market today, which you can easily hire online and offline.

Vertigo types-

Depending on the symptoms and treatment, the Vertigo is divided into two parts, in which you will see different symptoms in each disease. It is very important to know about these two categories for every person because both are treated by different specialists. If you are struggling with this type of disease and wondering which specialist you should go to, then read this article because it will give a solution to your problem.

  1. Peripheral Vertigo-

This is the most common category of Vertigo which is found in 80% patient who is suffering from this disease. Under this, the patient is seen to be moving all the things around and also fell like sickness. The most common symptoms associated with these problems are loss of hearing in one ear, ringing in your ears, difficulty focusing your eyes, loss of balance and many more.

The Peripheral Vertigo is also dividing into various types of subcategories like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), Labyrinthitis, Vestibular neuronitis, Meniere’s disease, and lots of others.  In this, each type has its own different symptoms such that under BPPV, you start showing symptoms like fever and earache, so that you begin balancing with your body. Similarly, if you suffer from Labyrinthitis, you may get to see many other symptoms like cold fever, cough, spinning and other.

  1. Central Vertigo-

It is found in very few patients because it is counted as a dangerous disease category. Research has found that it found in 20% of the remaining patients who suffer from a critical disease like a migraine. Along with this, it is also found in patients who are struggling with brain tumors and diseases like demyelination.  In the old times, it was tough to treat, but in this advanced technology world, you can easily get treatment from vertigo specialist and get some check cups like Romberg’s test, Fukuda-Unterberger test, and many more so that you can guess about problem.


From the above information, you will easily understand the vertigo type and also know about their symptoms so that you will be able to detect the disease easily. While choosing a doctor, keep in mind various things such as his treatment, successful rate, and education.

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