Celebrate Marijuana like your Favourite Celebrities did

Marijuana commonly called weed, ganja, etc has been impacting the world for ages. The availability of marijuana in various countries legally has made exploring it possible. Smoking weed not only has medical benefits, it also relaxed the brain and makes you stress free. But wait! If you are new to a dispensary and seek for help from the budtender then you are likely to face questions that you have absolutely no clue about. You may hear them throwing crazy words towards you like; indica, shatter, etc. As a beginner it is not possible for you to know all these. However, that’s where you start experimenting and it is solely experiments that will make you a pro!

Snoop Doggs obsession

Somewhere we all want to be like our favourite celebrities. Deep down we even imitate them probably. Well, having your favourite celebrities favourite marijuana will definitely give you the feel of being a celebrity as well. Snoop Dogg, the well-known American Rapper is known for his obsession with weed. Arguable he smokes more weed than anybody in the world. His obsession is beyond imagination. He has come up with his own social media platform and named it Merry Jane along with his own line of marijuana products and has named it Leafs by Snoop. There are many dispensaries that can be called as snoop dogs favourite dispensary .

Relax and Sing it Away

It is not just Snoop Dogg, there are other celebrities who have their favourite marijuana. Celebrities like Tommy Chong, who is known as the king of marijuana, Action Bronson, Joseph Gordon – Levitt, Ghostface Killah, Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Marley, Redman, are seasoned cannabis users. Take your puff of your favourite celebs favourite cannabis and relax! The best part is, cannabis is available at dispensaries as cheap as $99 oz canada. Take a puff of it and imagine yourself as Marley  singing your favourite Marley’s number “Satisfy my Soul”.

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