How Do Treatment Facilities Treat Addiction?

Rehabilitation centers don’t all take the same approach when it comes to treating addiction. The most common treatment centers focus on religion and surrendering the patient’s life to Christianity. While these programs are helpful for some individuals, they aren’t the best choice for everyone. Reviewing how treatment facilities treat addiction shows the patients what to expect from each program.

Getting Rid of Toxins in the Body

Getting rid of toxins in the body helps the patient get a fresh start. It is ideal to undergo the detoxification process while monitored by professionals, as the process takes a toll on the body. Patients can experience severe dehydration, seizures, and even cardiac effects as the alcohol or controlled substances are eliminated from the body. The staff provides emergency services for patients who have more severe medical issues during withdrawal. The patients must stay at the facility during detox since the patients will feel a driving need to use drugs or alcohol.

Avoiding Criticisms and Shame

Avoiding criticism and shame offers a new approach to treating addiction. More traditionally, treatment programs have been based on surrendering the patient’s life to Christ or a higher power. The religion-based treatment programs impose the thought process that the individual is a bad person who is sinful. It uses criticisms and the blame game. The programs are based on using shame to make the addict feel guilty for their illness. Through science-based treatment programs, the counselors use a new approach that doesn’t use shame or criticism.

Reaching A New Breakthrough

Reaching a new breakthrough during counseling helps the individual fight their addiction and overcome the scientific reasons behind it. It is at this point where the addict finds healthier ways to deal with the factors in their lives that led to the addiction. Scientific treatment helps the patient focus on their physical health and repairing the damage caused by the addiction. Counseling services are provided to discuss these changes in the body and how the patient can recover. Through counseling, patients work with a counselor to find their breakthrough and discover how recovery can improve their life. Patients who are interested in addiction recovery can discuss a science-based treatment opportunity with a counselor now.

Finding Purpose Through One’s Self

Finding purpose through one’s self helps the individual learn that their live isn’t over because they were addicted to drugs or alcohol. Patients discover they can have a new beginning and start a whole new life. They are given the tools needed to rebuild relationships with the people who are most important to them. The new approach is to find what is healthy for the patient and the life they want after addiction. Some patients go on to change careers and find a new purpose for their lives.

Rehabilitation centers don’t all follow the same programs. Essentially, the patients have the option to choose religious and non-religious approaches for treating addiction. The individual’s preferences could make a difference in what helps them with a successful recovery. Patients who want to follow a science-based treatment program can contact a counselor right now.

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