Is Muay thai really good for self defence?

Muay Thai traces its origin in Thailand, but its growth is experienced in  Central China and hence Muay Thai in Hong Kong. In Thailand, it is the national sport and cultural martial art, which is very popular among the citizens. The sport came around hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat mechanism that utilizes the entire body as a weapon when facing a close opponent. Muay Thai also refers to the art of eight limbs suggesting that it uses eight points of the body as a weapon in a war.

Hands transformed into dagger, shins, and forearms get hardened in training and transformed into armor against any blow directed towards you. The elbows are trained in a manner that they fall into the opponent like a hammer. Legs and knees are transformed into an ax that can inflict as much damage as possible to the opponent. In a confrontation, the knees and elbows are continuously searching for an opening to attack the opponent and bring them down. The following are the reasons Muay Thai is best for self-defense.

1. Muay Thai workouts

When it comes to training, the discipline is very high, as it involves vigorous strength and stamina. The workout will give you the much-needed physical strength due to the physical performances applied when training. For sure, with the kind of physical workouts that are very effective on daily training, you will be assured that the defense that your body can stand for any opponent, Muay Thai, gets you covered.

With continuous basic training of these workouts, you will start realizing how your body is adapting to the technique of defending yourself even before attacking your enemy.

2. Straight-forward fighting techniques

If you are not familiar with Muay Thai, you see it as a very simple technique and probably ignore it, but when you get hit by any Muay kick, you won’t believe the kind of power that it comes with. Where the kicks just come naturally, the opponent will not even notice until down on the ground.

The technique applies the western boxing mechanism, and elbows are only used for short-distance attack, making you so dangerous when an opponent is in a near range. This technique gives you the best defense such that the opponent will try as much as possible to stay far from you.

3. Pressure on sparring

From the initial stages of training, you will always be assigned a real opponent giving you a real-life situation. Muay Thai in Hong Kong is one of the examples where there is a high increase in training of the technique, and every trainer has an opponent that you work with, indicating that not only Thai people appreciate the effectiveness of this technique.

With the partner acting as your opponent, the technique allows you to face exactly what you will find in the street giving you an edge when facing an opponent compared to other martial art techniques.

4. Muay Thai gives you arsenal over weapons

Whether it’s a short-range or a long-range weapon, the martial arts ensures that you are fully covered. To deal with a tough opponent, you can push them away with push kicks or give him some knee strikes in addition to the elbow strikes, which protects your face and will give a powerful blow to the opponent at the same time.

With all the martial arts even known, if Muay Thai is not the best, then I must be number two. Hybrid MMA & Fitness is one of the centers in Hong Kong that makes the name Muay Thai in Hong Kong a success. In the center, you will meet the professionals who will transform you into one of the best martial artists.

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