NUCCA and Migraines

Many people have a very basic understanding of migraines, and they typically hold the notion that the only cure is a prescription medication. But what if your migraines are actually coming from the fact that your atlas is out of alignment? This undue stress and pressure on your neck, spine, head, and brain could very well be triggering your uncomfortable and agonizing migraines.

What is NUCCA?

Chiropractic NUCCA is a gentle correction of the head and neck misalignment. The body did not evolve to heal itself in quick bursts, instead, it has the ability to correct itself over time with the proper input like healthy diet and exercise. Using this same though, NUCCA makes small, precise, and accurate adjustments that are implemented over time rather than all at once.

The effects of this procedure are all directed towards the atlas, a small but crucial bone located at the bottom of the skull, and top of the spine.

NUCCA is an upper cervical chiropractic procedure which utilizes laser measurement in order to determine exactly how your spine is out of alignment. It’s an ultra-precise and non-invasive technique which seeks to realign the spine over time, instead of using typical chiropractic methods.


With NUCCA, evaluations are done both before and after the procedure to determine the exact adjustments required to fix the issue. Compare the NUCCA method to something like Atlas Profilax, which utilizes a more general adjustment method with much less measuring. But without exact laser measurements, how can you expect to treat the real underlying misalignments that exist within the spine?

Does NUCCA Help Migraines?

Research has shown great benefits for patients. Headaches have been found to begin in the upper cervical spine. NUCCA helps migraines by releasing undue stress on the spine, created by an improper alignment of the neck.

Is NUCCA Chiropractic Safe?

Absolutely, NUCCA is among the safest chiropractic techniques available. With NUCCA adjustments are only based on precise measurements, not generalizations, so spinal adjustments are done in small increments so that the body begins to heal itself over time.

How Else Can NUCCA Help?

Spinal misalignment can lead to a variety of issues including nervous tension, fatigue, headaches, and sinus problems to name a few. Receiving chiropractic NUCCA treatments first to heal your common spinal misalignment problems will help help you to determine the best treatment route for your own experience.

In general, a misaligned spine means health problems down the line. A misalignment at the point where the head and neck join, known as the atlas, can almost guarantee you health problems. That’s because these messages of healing, control, and monitoring signals are unable to get through to all the parts of the body.

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