Potato Varieties To Grow

There are up to 100 varieties of potatoes grown in the USA alone. If you think only of Russet, Purple or Blue potatoes, and White potatoes, think again because there are several potato varieties. Potatoes are versatile vegetables that are highly nutritious and used for a wide range of dishes. Suppose potatoes are as special to you, then you have thought of growing your potatoes. Growing your potatoes starts by deciding on the potato varieties you want to grow.

Choosing the right Potato Variety to Grow

If potatoes are treated right, they are easy to grow. The exciting thing is that you can grow more than one variety so that your dishes are never boring. You need to think about what you want to do with your harvest. If you want to experiment with baking and frying recipes, a particular variety will serve you better than others. This is because potato varieties do not have the same starch and moisture content; thus they are best for different purposes. How high the starch level of a variety is will determine whether or not the potato will retain its shape or break down after cooking. 

Here is a list of varieties to help you get started.

5 Best Potato Variety to Grow

● Kennebec

The ‘Kennebec’ is an all-purpose potato. It has thin skin and creamy texture and maintains its shape when cooked. It is great for making salads, soups, and stews yet starchy enough for fries and mashed potatoes. It is usually ready for harvest in 80days and yields higher.

● Red Pontiac

This is a waxy-textured potato with thin skin. These potato varieties are best for boiling, roasting, and salads. This variety is not as recommended for frying. It is ready for harvest in about 80 days.

● Yukon Gold

This variety is noted for its resistance to diseases and as an early variety. It requires a lot of sunlight and would be ready for harvest in only 65 days. It has the right combination of waxy and fluffy so that it can be boiled and yet used for mashed potatoes too.

● Magic Molly

You’d have to wait a little longer for this spud. It matures at 95- 100 days, but the wait will be worth it. 

Its purple color and rich taste make it an interesting culinary dish. It is great for grilling and in soups and stews. It even retains its color when boiled. 

● Princess Latte Fingerling Potato

These potato varieties are also slow to mature at 90- 100 days. It has smooth skin and golden-yellow textured flesh. It is known for its nutty flavor. 


Potato varieties are numerous, but each is uniquely different. These five varieties are some of the best varieties to grow and enjoy when they harvest. 

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