Medical and recreational marijuana is quickly growing in popularity as more states continue to legalize it. With legal marijuana dispensaries all over, you no longer need to source your marijuana from the black markets. But states where marijuana is legal usually have strict regulations and protocols for buying marijuana, making it intimidating for first-timers to visit marijuana dispensaries.

However, you should know that numerous benefits come with sourcing your marijuana from a licensed marijuana dispensary such as Star buds in Bellingham, Washington.

Quality control and safety

By sourcing your marijuana from a licensed dispensary, you can rest assured that you are buying quality buds that have been held to certain quality standards. One thing with buds products sold in licensed dispensaries is that it is tested in the lab and labeled based on the potency levels. That ensures your health and safety since you know what you are using and how it affects you, especially for medical reasons.


Many black market weed dealers don’t grow marijuana. As such, they cannot guarantee their clients the purity of the buds and quality. Additionally, they cannot explain how the weed was grown, harvested, and processed. On the other hand, licensed weed dispensaries are held to state regulations; therefore, they offer users a greater assurance regarding the quality of the products. Check the certification to ensure you are dealing with a licensed business when looking for dispensaries near Bellingham.

Responsible use of marijuana

If a marijuana dispensary is to succeed, it must offer the best products and employ skilled and experienced budtenders. A marijuana dispensary has a reputation to uphold and state regulations to fulfill. Therefore, they provide well-regulated and safe access to the dispensaries to ensure they support the responsible use of marijuana.

Guidance and recommendations

By buying your weed in a dispensary, you learn more and get personalized guidance from well-trained budtenders. For instance, you can obtain more advice on how to administer dosage, especially for medical marijuana. If you are a regular client, your provider gets to learn of your unique marijuana needs over time, and they can provide tailored recommendations and guidance. Marijuana addiction is also a threat, so you can avoid dependence by getting guidance and advice from a skilled provider.

A greater range of variety

Medical and recreational dispensaries stock a wide range of marijuana products to meet the needs of different users. If you are well versed in marijuana, then you are aware that over the years, marijuana experts and cultivators have developed sophisticated cannabis hybrids and strains to accommodate the needs of many users.

Experienced dispensary staff can match a client’s needs with the right strain and product such as concentrates, tinctures, oils, edibles, etc. For instance, if you seek pain relief without the high effects of marijuana, they can guide you towards marijuana products with higher CBD levels. That makes it easy to control treatment and customize your marijuana use. You can learn more about the future of marijuana here

The bottom line

Buying marijuana from a licensed dispensary assures you of quality products and accountability of the products you use.

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