The Real Cost of Hair Transplant

“How much does hair transplantation cost?” Have you ever got the answer to this question? What was your reaction?

We don’t know how much preserving your good and youthful look means to you. But if you say “so much” and you found out the price for a permanent hair loss solution, we think it shouldn’t surprise or scare you. A hair transplantation procedure is a one-time-big-time, no-risk solution to the biggest problem of 85% of men with the age 30’s and above.

This is something that is worth your investment, especially if you want to feel confident all the time, or if your work involves meeting people every time.

In this post, we’ll not only talk about the price of a hair transplant procedure but its overall cost in relation to its permanent effects on your appearance and confidence level.

Price Range

Now let’s go to the figure that you came here for. You might have Googled “How much is a hair transplant surgery?” and landed on this post. Here’s a quick answer to that. The price ranges from 4,000 to 15,000 US dollars. It usually depends on the region, country, or the reputation and portfolio of the surgeon doing the hair transplant. But in Asia just like in NuHart Philippines, the price can be a bit lower, that’s why residents from the Western countries travel all the way to Asia just to save on the actual cost of the procedure.

Why this cost?

Though it sounds a bit lucrative, the reason behind the cost of a hair transplant procedure is that it’s not a regular surgery done for medical purposes. It’s considered cosmetic and is taxed the same way. The charges imposed on this type pf cosmetic procedure raises the cost you have to pay all the more.

Plus, hair transplantation is an uncharted territory for medical professionals. It is an unsaturated market, so to speak, for surgeons, resulting to a very low competition. The law of supply and demand tells us that when there is not much service-providers for a particular niche, the price will definitely be driven upwards.

That is to say that there are not much hair transplant surgeons out there who can perform this procedure with the expertise and guaranteed results. That’s why those who have been in this field for a long time, with the required expertise for a safe and successful hair transplantation have the right to impose a fee that corresponds to their knowledge and skills.

Is it worth it?

Without any biases whatsoever, the quick answer to that is yes! When you’re in your 30’s or 40’s and your hairline starts to show the signs of ageing, you’d have to pay the price to regain your youthful look. That is the solution that hair transplantation offers. Unlike buying consumable products that you will apply on your scalp, a hair transplant is permanent and is done only one time! And this one-time procedure will revive your youthful glow in a matter of months. When you have a permanent solution like that out there, thousands of dollars for a procedure is definitely worth it.

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