Ultimate Solution to Low Testosterone Levels

The main reason as to why men go for testosterone replacement therapy is to manipulate the levels of the hormone and keep it to normal levels. This therapy has been proven scientifically to reduce the risks of diabetes, death, and heart diseases. Although there are risks associated with hormone therapy for men, there are more benefits when it is done by a professional who understands the hormonal structure of men. According to research by the Endocrine Society in 2018, hormone replacement for men is beneficial in regulating testosterone. When the hormone is on normal levels a man functions normally, and develops normal male organs. But hey look here when this hormone is low this is what will happen to a man.

What happens to a man with low testosterone levels?

Bearing in mind that testosterone hormone is found in males and it is a sex hormone. Although women have subtle levels of this hormone, if a man has low levels of it, the symptoms will be very pronounced. Some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels in men include erectile dysfunction, low bone mass, and reduced muscles. This hormone plays a vital role in in the body of every male including;

  • bone and muscle development
  • voice deepening- have ever met a man with a female voice and wondered what could be wrong with him? Perhaps a low testosterone level.
  • Sperm production

As men age, the production of testosterone could be slow. However, if these symptoms show up in a young person, they should go for hormone therapy. Here are symptoms of low testosterone levels.

  • Difficulties with getting and maintaining erections.
  • Loss of hair
  • Low bone mass- generally men have heavier bones made possible by bone tissue produced by testosterone which maintains the volume of bones.
  • Small testicles- a male with low production of testosterone may have small testicles. The smaller size of testicles noticed is not related to low temperatures.
  • Low semen levels- a man with low levels of testosterone may notice very little fluids during ejaculation. Semen helps the sperm swim towards the egg, therefore a man with low testosterone may take time to sire a baby. This is a serious condition that requires hormone therapy for menif the victim would love to have a family with his children.
  • Sleeping difficulties- males with low levels of testosterone may suffer from sleep apnea, which is characterized by difficulties to fall and keep asleep, such men also have a low sex drive. A man will notice that they no longer have the desire to have sex over time when the hormone stays too low.

These symptoms are detrimental and some of them such as lack of deep voice, lack of sex drive, reduced size of testicles and low sperm count may tamer with a male’s self-esteem. However, there is a medical procedure known as testosterone replacement therapy which is done to bring testosterone levels back to normal.

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