Visual Therapy And Black Eye

Visual therapy is the best method for recovering a lazy eye, versus medication or surgery. The first thing the behavioral optometrist must assess to start treatment is to determine the cause of amblyopia or lazy eye. It is important to know that it will be highly improbable to recover a lazy eye with surgery or medication, in any case, the recovery, if any, usually goes through an adequate visual therapy treatment. It should be borne in mind that there is a greater chance of success – and involving less effort – the sooner the problem is started, since recoveries are more difficult as the years go by. In any case, each patient must be individually assessed. That is, it will be much easier to recover the lazy eye of a child, than that of a 40-year-old adult.

Recovery From Lazy Eye In Adults

However, until a few years ago, recovery was not attempted in adults and still today there are very few professionals dedicated to this type of therapy, which can be long, but can change the life of the patient. Many people manage to regain the ability to see in 3 dimensions or to have stereoscopic vision, which they will never achieve if they do not receive adequate treatment. This means an important change in the perception of space and objects that they appreciate very positively and that provides a lot of security when moving, driving, etc.

For starters, if patients do not have a normal retinal correspondence (the image of each eye must be formed in exactly the same area as the other) in the fovea, the first thing to do is normalize it. If it is not achieved in 3-4 months, it is considered that it will cost too much effort, without guarantees of success, so it is recommended to suspend the total recovery of vision and train only to have the visual system with the best performance and comfort. visual possible (which is much less time), but without the binocular functions.

Visual Therapy For The Treatment Of Amblyopia

What is a visual therapy treatment? These are visual exercises that, in this case, stimulate the lazy eye. An average time of 30-40 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week, for months and, sometimes, years is usually dedicated to carrying out therapy.

By making the appropriate complete treatments, it is normal for all patients to regain visual acuity to a lesser or greater extent (regular checks are carried out and acting accordingly) and some adults recover up to 100% of visual acuity. There are many eye institutions in lasik chicago that specializes in eye care. Do you need eye care? Contact any of them.

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