How to pump triceps and cut fat with Quality Steroids from USA?

How to pump triceps – the best exercises and techniques for pumping triceps. Unique training programs. Triceps pumping secrets you didn’t know about

To understand how to pump triceps, you need to be aware of:

Training Goals Depending on your personal goals, we will select a different training strategy;

The principles of pumping triceps. Knowledge of 2-3 principles exempts from the study of 200-300 particulars of hand training;

Which exercises allow you to pump up triceps, and which ones take time and energy in vain.

Determined for the purpose

Objectives may be as follows:

Pump all the muscles of the body with an emphasis on developed arms. We create a proportional, attractive figure, where the hands are a strong link. To achieve this goal, we use basic exercises for pumping the top and bottom of the body, for the hands we add isolating exercises for triceps and biceps;

Pumping triceps and biceps separately from other muscle groups with Quality Steroids from USA. We use only isolating exercises for biceps and triceps;

Improving the appearance of hands, getting rid of fat in the area of triceps. A popular target among girls. We add aerobic exercises to triceps training;

Triceps pumping separately from other muscles. The goal is relevant only when eliminating imbalances. We use isolating exercises for triceps, we do not pump other muscles;

Creating a balanced, attractive figure without emphasis on individual muscles.

For most readers, the first and last goal will be acceptable. There is no point in answering the question “How to build triceps?” If triceps is the only developed muscle on your body.

The body tends to balance, as a result of which the body slows down the growth of muscles, which stand out strongly against the background of other muscles. When an athlete trains only triceps, he gets less result than in the case of working out the whole body.

How to download triceps? The principle of progression of loads

The basic principle of triceps pumping. Says: an athlete must regularly increase objective training stress. Once every 1-3 workouts, it is necessary to increase the weight of the projectile, the number of approaches, exercises or repetitions while maintaining the correct technique.

Observe the principle of progression of loads will help you training diary, as well as planning future workouts.

Over time, the speed of progress slows down. Only beginners (experience up to 6 months) can increase the load each training session. When we get to significant weight indicators, the body is already at the limit, the speed of progress slows down.

But most do not need it, since the performance of the French bench press with a barbell of 50-60 kg guarantees cool triceps, subject to the correct technique.

How often to download triceps? We catch supercompensation

Most instructors recommend Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday classes. The frequency of training is an extremely individual indicator, and therefore we get the following situation:

We have 4 athletes who start with the same indicators and train according to the same schemes. All carry out the training plan “from and to”, follow the recommendations of the coach;

The program is suitable for the first athlete. It progresses rapidly and in 3 months it gains about 10 kilograms of muscle mass, becomes the owner of cool hands. His triceps are better than many of the guys who work in the gym for a year;

The program is less suitable for the second athlete. He gains only 3 kg and looks with envy at his comrade;

The third athlete feels that the load received is too great for him. For 3 months of training in the ANALOGUE program, he loses a kilogram of muscle, becomes covered with acne, becomes a nervous and apathetic person. These are signs of overtraining;

The fourth athlete does not feel the load at all. It seems to him that training is too easy. For 3 months he is gaining a kilogram of muscles. He feels that he needs to train more often, but the coach said … These are signs of under-training.

Instead of giving you a “fish” that can slip out of your hands and swim out into the sea, you get a “fishing rod” in the form of an understanding of the phases of the training process:

Injury or training. Muscle cells are injured by physical exertion. Microcracks are formed that cause muscle pain. Muscles do not grow in training! They are collapsing! It is very important to be aware in order to understand how to pump triceps.

Recovery. A phase that begins immediately after the training is completed and lasts until the muscles return to their initial state. Recovery can be accelerated with the help of the correct regime of the day, nutrition, work on the hormonal system, the use of sports nutrition. Training in the recovery phase leads to overtraining.

Supercompensation. The body strives not to experience stress, as a result of which it creates additional reserves – muscles that make repetition of a similar load less stressful for the body. In the phase of supercompensation we observe the principle of progression of loads. With an increase in objective load, subjective sensations remain the same. We do more work, but we don’t feel it.

The loss of supercompensation. Occurs:

In the event that the athlete is a lazy person and misses training;

With quick recovery. The athlete is training too rarely, according to the wrong training plan. There is no progress.

With the loss of supercompensation, the body thinks: “There will be no repetition of the load, I stop spending energy to maintain the created muscles.” The muscles return to the pre-training state.

The signs of the recovery phase are muscle pain in the target muscles, lack of desire to exercise, physical and mental severity. After a few weeks, you will learn not to confuse this condition with laziness.

Beginners conduct from 2 to 4 strength training per week. Target triceps training – 1-2 times a week.

Triceps Exercises

Exercises for triceps are divided into:

  • Basic. Movements that are aimed at several muscle groups, which include triceps;
  • Isolating. Exercises that pump only triceps.

Exercise for triceps number 1. Bench Press

The main exercise for pumping triceps in the gym. The bench press includes the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps. The narrower the grip, the more triceps work, and the less pectoral muscles turn on. Basic exercise for Triceps, which should be put in first place in the training program.

Exercise for triceps number 2. French bench press

The best isolating exercise for triceps. The basis of an isolated study of the muscles of the hands along with bending the arms with a barbell for biceps.

If you are limited in the selection of exercises, use only the bench press with a narrow grip and the French bench press.

Exercise for triceps number 3. Extending your arms with a dumbbell (barbell, expander) while standing

A kind of French bench press. It is advisable to alternate the lying option with the bar with the performance of the French bench press with dumbbells. Triceps is worked out from a different angle, which increases the effectiveness of the exercise.

Exercise for triceps number 4. Dips

Exercise, which includes the entire pushing muscle group. If possible, do push-ups with narrow arms, push-ups on the bars become a complete replacement for the bench press.

To pump triceps, we press the elbows against the body, look in front of us, do not tilt the body forward, as when pumping the pectoral muscles with the help of bars.

Exercise for triceps number 5. Back push ups from the bench

An exercise that is best defined at the end of a workout. It can be done with weights, but we get the maximum result from reverse push-ups when doing 15+ repetitions. Using reverse push-ups, we train slow muscle fibers, which increases the speed of progress.

Exercise for triceps number 6. Bench press

Basic exercise, which focuses on the deltoid muscles. Triceps get almost the maximum load, and the result of the constant performance of the bench press while standing will be a developed, attractive shoulder girdle

Exercise for triceps number 7. Arms back

An insulating exercise for triceps, which can be performed either in the simulator (block simulator), or with a universal expander or rubber loops.

An alternative is the abduction of arms with dumbbells.

Exercise for triceps number 8. Narrow arms push-ups

Exercise with which you can start to download triceps right now. The simplest exercise for triceps, which you can finish your hand workout in the gym. The best triceps exercise for training at home.

How to pump triceps at home

The answer to the question “How to pump triceps at home?” different from “How to pump triceps?” only the selection of simulators.

  • The optimal set of simulators for home training:
  • Horizontal bar parallel bars. Can be found at many venues in the city;
  • Collapsible dumbbells. It is advisable to purchase;
  • Universal expander or rubber loops. The cheapest simulators that are suitable for everyone who does not want to turn into a bodybuilder, but wants to pump up at home.
  • You can add TRX loops. They will be especially relevant if you decide to refuse dumbbells.
  • Read more about how to pump triceps at home, read the link, which is in this subheading.

How to remove fat from triceps?

“How to remove fat from hands?” – A frequent question of girls, to which incorrect answers are given. Fat can not be removed using a local study of triceps. To remove fat from triceps, we need:

Remove fat from the entire body. To do this, use a rope and proper nutrition;

Normalize the water-salt balance. We consume enough water with enough salt. Deviation in one or the other direction leads to the appearance of edema, which looks like fat, but it is not;

Work out the muscles of the hands, improve blood flow in the problem area. We do this using the above exercises.

We are looking for the program below.

Training programs for triceps pumping

This is a standard beginner program with an emphasis on hand training. Using these schemes, you will answer the question “How to pump triceps?” And also build a proportional, attractive figure:

How to pump triceps? Program for men

  • Monday. Back + Biceps + Press
  • Exercise
  • The approaches
  • Repetitions
  • Rest in minutes between sets
  • Rest in minutes between exercises

We are not attached to the days of the week, we train according to our sensations. A similar schedule will suit many, but not all;

As part of this program, we train triceps 2 times a week. Once – with the pectoral muscles. The second – along with the biceps. This is the maximum that the body of an average person is capable of without “chemistry”;

Increase the load in the same manner as shown in the subsection “principle of progression of loads”;

How to remove fat from hands? Program for girls

These schemes are designed to improve the appearance of the arms and all muscles of the body:

We alternate these workouts using the principle of progression of loads.

Still do not understand how to pump triceps? Write in the comments, we will answer your questions!

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