Is It Safe To Give My Pets CBD Oil That Is Intended for Humans?

CBD oil revolution: Introducing what it is and why the hype?

There are many veterinarians worldwide that are recommending the use of CBD oil as a treatment for pets who experience a wide range of conditions. CBD can be used for the safe treatment in pets but it is sometimes difficult to find an ideal CBD product that will be available for your pets. 

There are a wide range of CBD treatments that are available to humans and many people consider the option of using human-based CBD treatments on their pets. Understanding the difference between CBD treatments for animals and CBD treatments for humans can be crucial if you are considering the option to use CBD treatments on your pet that were originally designed for humans. 

Both human and pet-based CBD products will contain CBD. CBD is a compound that is derived from hemp and a non-psychoactive compound that can reduce anxiety, offering anti-inflammatory benefits and more. Many local veterinarians will offer CBD treatments which are designed for pets. 

The differences between human and pet formulas:

The biggest difference between human and pet formulas was CBD comes down to labeling. The FDA often requires more stringent labeling in products that are designed for human consumption. Both of these products will contain CBD, but it is generally safe for pets to take human CBD oil and force humans to take pet base CBD oil as well. CBD oil that’s manufactured for animals may have some extra flavouring that can make it easier to take and this can make dosing easier. There may also be some differences when it comes to the overall potency of the medication, especially for smaller pets. 

In the end it is likely safe for you to give your pet a product which is designed for human consumption but you need to be vigilant in checking the dosage as well as making sure that you are putting the product on something your pet will ingest without issue. 

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