Tips to grow premium quality Critical Kush Feminized seeds

The cannabis lovers who know the characteristics of Critical Kush feminized weeds are eager to grow it. It is a premium strain that comes backed with excellent genetics that provides a good time. Being a crossbreed weed, you can expect the best of both the world. Here we will spotlight how to grow this crop and get maximum yield when you buy Critical Kush Feminized seeds.

 Cannabis is loved by the community because

  • It offers deep relaxation to the consumer.
  • It induces happiness in the minds of the consumer.
  • It is a cure to many medical problems.
  • It is ideal for dealing with stress, chronic pain, muscle spasm, headaches, etc.

Now, do you feel a sense of excitement in your mind?

Read it further to understand how to grow the crop?

Tip 1- Where to grow the crop?

It depends upon where do you reside and the kind of facilities you have. If growing marijuana is illegal in your state, you can grow it privately within a tent or a private enclosure. It will help you to notice what you are growing. If you are growing in the outdoor area, cover it with a greenhouse to maintain its humidity. The seeds flowers well in a warm and temperate region.  The seed can produce an output of 23 ounces in the outdoor area and be ready for harvest by September or October. 

If growing indoors, the flower starts appearing within 9-10 weeks. You can expect a staggering yield of 21 ounces per square meter.

Tip 2- How to maintain the humidity level?

When you buy Critical Kush Feminized seeds and plant them, don’t forget to maintain the humidity level. Different plants different humidity to flourish and maintain their Ph levels. Here are certain rules that you need to follow to grow the plant.

During the seedling stage-maintain the humidity level of 65% to 80%. It is because the plant is still small and takes time to flourish. It is suggested to keep the plant indoors in the daytime.

During the day time, you need to maintain is 77 degree of humidity level, and at night 70 degree. The critical Kush seeds do not grow in a humid climate.

During a vegetative state- the humidity level should range from 55 to 70 per cent.

As the plant grows, it will absorb more humidity.

the Flowering state the level should be 40%. As the harvest time appears reduce the RH level to 30 per cent.

Remember, not following the above guidelines can cause bud rot.

Other tips for growing the plant

  • When growing the plants, install high-quality indoor lights.
  • The home should be ventilated well so that the plant grows adequately.
  • You can buy a thermo hygrometer to maintain the level.
  •  No matter how much efforts you put to grow the weed, the seed quality matters the most.  When you purchase seeds from the United Strains of America, you will be surprised to see the results.

The result

The results will be a high yield, short flowering time and premium taste.

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