how ofter to wash a hair in new york

Many have heard the rule: the less often you wash your head, the less often you will have to wash your hair. When the hair roots are dried with shampoo, the scalp begins to actively produce natural oil to moisturize them. Accordingly, due to the daily washing of the head, the organism gets used to the release of a large amount of sebum every day.

Also, avoid shampoos for greasy hair, because they dry out your scalp and, ironically, make your head get oily faster.

Not only the washing of natural oils from the hair leads to oiliness, but also heat treatment. Because of heat, the scalp also secretes grease, like the skin of a face during a hot day. This once again proves the rule – the more often you wash, the more often you have to wash hair.

New York barbers recommend the process of washing the head also affects the fat content. It is best to apply the shampoo to the hair, and after a light massage with your fingers, leave the shampoo for three minute on the hair roots. Thus, the shampoo will better clean the hair, but it will not dry out too much.

The frequency of washing also depends on the type of hair and lifestyle. You can wash your hair even every day  if you live in a big city, like New York.

Dry hair is recommended to be washed a maximum of twice a week, using a shampoo with surfactants that do not contain sulphates and a high concentration of moisturizers to help soften hair dehydration. Be sure to use the best shampoo for dry hair.

Oily hair should be washed every day with a shampoo that contains super-soft surfactants without sulfates. Normal hair should be washed as often as necessary.


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