Three Common Signs of Having an Addictive Personality

One would never know if he or she is already known or referred to as a person with an addictive personality. You would never be able to identify yourself, especially if you are not equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise concerning the signs and symptoms of having such personality. If you are someone who really loves to do the shopping and would never last a day without shopping in malls, you might be diagnosed with such personality then. If you are also a person who would never live without being able to drink a coffee a day, you must be worried already that it could possibly be since you are someone with an addictive personality.

Actually, no one would ever know that you have such personality if you do not know or you are not familiar with the signs of a certain person having been diagnosed to have an addictive personality. Now, for you to be able to know as to whether you have such personality or not, below are three of some of the common and usual signs and symptoms which would let you determine whether you have an addictive personality or not.

You always seek for thrills

A person who tends to always seek for adventures, activities which give you chills, suspense, and thrills as well, could be considered as someone having an addictive personality. If based on your observations, you are someone with this attitude and this feeling and you are the type of person who easily gets aggressive and impulsive as well, you could possibly be positive with having an addictive personality. If you would have observed, most of the time those drug addicts or those who have vices are known to be as addicts because in the first place, they always seek for something which would give them both pleasure and adventure in return.

You are not emotionally stable

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, you would get to be fooled by other people. You would actually be someone who gets so easily deceived by others that, as a result, you become a person with trust issues. Because of this, you would always then be hiding from your mask and pretend as if you are okay even when you are not. If you keep on pretending and always keep on hiding what you feel inside, maybe you are someone then who have this addictive personality that you might not be aware of.

You are very much intelligent

Most of the time, you would get to see people walking around the streets who are barefoot. The majority of these people could be referred to as addicts or crazy, who have no one else to be with. Based on some researches and findings, these crazy people that you get to refer to are actually people who are very much intelligent that they were not capable anymore of understanding simple and shallow things. Thus, they became crazy as ever. Now, if you get to be of a much higher IQ, beware because you could possibly have an addictive personality though.

If you have all of these, you can contact your rehab clinic as soon as possible. Your addiction rehab advisor will be there to guide you all throughout the process.

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