Fine Treatment Choices for Rehab Cases

A series of treatments is done under controlled conditions in the hospital and under medical supervision, and includes a number of methods. Ultra-fast detoxification cleanses the body and brain receptors from cocaine in just a few hours. It is done under total anesthesia and the patient does not experience pain and other negative effects of detoxification. The Couples rehab is the best choice here.

Innovative methods of care

Neuro jet therapy (NET) normalizes the level of dopamine and endorphin in 20 minutes with a painless stimulation, i.e. recovers balance in the brain. At the same time it stimulates the natural excretion of the happiness hormone, which was previously caused by cocaine.

Drug therapy is used to eliminate pain and relieve abstinence syndrome, and the intravenous infusion complex is used to provide useful materials to the body, preparing it for a new phase – elimination of psychic addiction. The use of the couples rehab centers are there now.

Treatment of cocaine addiction must be planned in the long term

For a complete cure of cocaine addiction it is necessary to create a negative attitude towards opiates. It helps medicated sleep, hypnosis with drugs and with suggestive influence and audio-visual stimuli of the cortex. All treatments are done in well-controlled conditions in the hospital and after consultation and acceptance by the patient. Hence, there is no possibility of loss of contact with reality or control of behavior, as is often thought. There are ample options for couples rehabs now.

These therapies reduce the desire to consume cocaine and eliminate depression and sudden changes in behavior.

So aggressive behavior and conflicts also vanish

The withdrawal symptoms that someone gets may vary slightly per person. The one suffers more from it than the other. The physical withdrawal of alcohol can take 3 to 7 days. The first 3 days are often the most intense. This has to do with how long and how much has been drunk, the physical condition and sensitivity. We will name them in order of severity and most common:

Shaking hands, sweating, nausea, poor sleep, tired, restless, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, tense. This usually occurs during the first week; With the exception of poor sleep and being tense, the symptoms should subside after a few days. The Couples rehab is the best choice here.

Anxious, gloomy, listless

These complaints can persist for longer.

Seizures or seizure: a short period of loss of consciousness.

  • Does not occur that often.
  • Occurs in the first week after stopping drinking.

Delirium tremens: decreased consciousness with hallucinations. Not common. Usually reveals itself within a week after stopping drinking.

Sleep problems

Most people who stop drinking have trouble sleeping at first. After a few days and sometimes weeks, this recovers. The natural sleep rhythm is very disturbed by drinking alcohol. The body needs time to restore this.

We can mention a number of things that can help you with this:

Accept that you will not sleep well in the coming period and take this into account in your daily activities. Take the tension off that you really want to sleep.

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