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When you visit a hairdressing salon, each time you expect to leave it as a beauty queen with a perfect hairstyle and chic curls. However, reality does not always correspond to our dreams. Most often this happens due to the not very successful choice of a hairdresser. But, something in the behaviour of the hairdresser should alert you and help determine the incompetence of a specialist until he spoils your curls.

If you want to get a golden shade of hair, cut the ends slightly, but you leave the salon as a burning brunette with a short bob – this directly indicates the inability or unwillingness of the hairdresser to listen to the wishes of the client.

If the master set out to become a champion in the number of served clients – this is not your problem. You did not come to the salon so that the hairdresser in a hurry cut, dyed or styled your hair. The same one applies to the situation when you are forced to sit at the hairdresser for several hours, waiting for the procedure execution. Inability to organize their working hours differ only non-professionals.

Some unscrupulous masters tend to save money at the price of the health and wallet of the client. If you notice that the master uses cheap cosmetics, passing it off as branded one, or spreads expensive dye with water, say goodbye to such a sad specialist. Indeed, in this situation, not only your wallet suffers, but also your hair.

It often happens that in the working process with a client, the hairdresser allows himself inappropriate and even shameless comments. Any possible comments about the appearance of the client, the master should make delicately and tactfully. You do not need to endure boorish statements from the hairdresser or listen to endless gossip about the master’s colleagues or his work in the salon.


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