Melbourne Osteohealth Offering Recovery & Rehab

Are you suffering from back pain, shoulder bulges, or any other kind of injury that is interrupting your life? If yes, then Osteopaths in Melbourne can help you get back on track. From a simple headache to a severe sports injury, Melbourne Osteohealth is offering its service in order to support and provide assistance during the recovery phase. 

They take a holistic approach for treatment, which makes the center a great place to treat a wide variety of conditions. Serving as a multi-service clinic, the center offers complete care and guidance throughout all stages of recovery. Whether you need to strengthen your body and wish to recondition it, they have tailored treatment plans that will fulfill your needs. 

You can opt for any particular or combination of the services listed below:

  • Osteopathy:

People struggling with heavy lifting or overhead work often need help from Osteopaths. If you are also frustrated by being stuck on a desk for long hours, and now your whole body is aching, then professional osteopaths will help you deal with the pain.

  • Pilates & Exercise Therapies:

They offer Clinical exercise therapy sessions for adults and children who are trying to manage their illness, injury, or some kind of disability. The service includes help for pre/post-pregnancy and surgery, sports injuries, spinal injuries, and neurological injury as well. 

  • Exercise Physiology:

It is the duty of a clinic to help people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Melbourne Osteohealth will help you to improve your overall health and fitness. The experts will tip you how you can live with a chronic injury, disease, or disability without letting it affect your life. 

  • Massage and Myotherapy:

Myotherapy is the therapy in which thorough assessment, planning, and treatment are offered to the patient. Along with massage, the therapy would relax you and complement other manual therapies. 

  • Running Analytics:

Worldwide, running is the most common type of exercise. And running helps in maximizing endurance that prevents injuries in the first place. So, the clinic will assist you in improving your stamina, strength, and endurance as you run. 

  • Custom Orthotics:

This is the type of service that can help to reduce pain and support the person. The right orthotics can have a significant impact on reducing knee stress, improving pelvic alignment, improving foot posture, prevent excess load, and much more. 

As you are working with the world-class team of Osteopaths in Melbourne, satisfaction is guaranteed. The team at Melbourne Osteohealth is passionate and caring. So, you don’t have to worry about not getting the best care. They focus on all their patients’ health and well being and provide a complete care package under one roof. 

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