IQOS – The heat-not-burn devices

Heat-not-burn – As the name suggests, the Heat-not-burn tobacco devices use the cell for heating the tobacco that helps in reducing aerosol production. The lower temperate in the device helps in heating tobacco to produce more limited HPHCs (Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents). It Decreases the risk of dangerous tobacco by-product inhalation. Did you know combustion of tobacco produces several thousands of by-products or chemicals that are dangerous to active plus passive smokers?

‘I-quit-ordinary-smoking’, IQOS devices are designed for the users to get the same experience like traditional smoking, matching the look and feel.

Working of tobacco heating system

IQOS is demanded by the tobacco brands to be much safer than the original smoking as the tobacco is ideally not burned in these devices. Here, the smokers will be inhaling the combusted tobacco, which is less harmful than that produced when tobacco burns.

The tobacco heating of IQOS is in two different ways. The first one is the integrated device with a holder and charger, which can be used several times without recharging the battery.

The holder contains a controlled heater, and the user needs to insert a heated tobacco unit into it. Then push the button to turn the heater to switch it on and draw the heated tobacco unit to inhale the tobacco vapour with the nicotine. When the heated tobacco unit finishes, remove it from the holder and dispose of it safely in a waste bin.

The second type has three main components, charger, holder and heated stick, or the tobacco unit referred to as HEETS. In the three components heating system, recharge the battery in the holder by inserting it into the charger after use.

With the low research data, the safe usage of the IQOS products, and with less accurate or verified evidence still unavailable, the tobacco companies are still claiming that these devices much healthier option for smokers to quit and start using heat-not-burn products.

The research led by renowned scientists claims that smoking IQOS offers reduced toxicity to the users. These devices can help to lower the levels of harmful chemicals and minimise the impact on the organs such as the lung or heart compared with original cigarettes.

The tobacco industry is positively advertising Heat-not-burn tobacco products as a healthier option. What are Heat-not-burn tobacco devices? Let us understand here –

Heat-not-burn tobacco products

Heat-not-burn tobacco products are electronic devices that produce an aerosol that can be inhaled. As the name suggests these devices heat the tobacco but do not burn the tobacco like the original cigarettes. 

But heat-not-burn products are different from e-cigarette. In these devices, the actual tobacco is used instead of the flavoured liquid nicotine as in e-cigarettes.

IQOS or I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking is a type of – heat-not-burn tobacco product that was introduced to smokers to quit the habit of smoking. The tobacco industry is positive that these products are low toxic products compared with the cigarette. These are the devices that the various IQOS brands are presenting as an attempt to quit smoking on a healthier note.

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