Your Complete Checklist To Grow Cannabis Indoors?

You may be wondering that growing cannabis indoors is complicated, but it isn’t so. 

With basic knowledge and proper equipment, anyone can grow cannabis indoors. 

If you’re determined enough to avoid any mistakes, growing your own cannabis will give immense satisfaction and results. 

If you live in a place with moderate climatic conditions, you have to grow your cannabis indoors. 

Growing cannabis in a tent or room will provide all the essential conditions for your plant’s best growth. It gives you the privacy and comfort of growing cannabis.

Growing cannabis indoors allows you to control the temperature, light exposure, pH levels, and so on. 

But, do you know the entire checklist for growing cannabis indoors, such as exhaust fans or LED lights? 

In this blog, we have enlisted all the conditions and requirements to grow the best quality cannabis plants indoors. 

With suggestions and recommendations from the top cannabis seeds company, i49, we have discussed every essential detail for your convenient cannabis growth. 

You have to make a checklist of items and conditions like growing medium, nutrients, lights, etc. 

Before going any further with the in-depth detail, you must know how to germinate your seeds too. 

So, let’s follow this blog for in-depth details of your checklist items.

Choose Your Cannabis Seed and Start Germination


The first step towards your cannabis growth is the selection of seeds. Nowadays, you will get a wide range of cannabis seeds available in online stores and markets. 

You can choose between the Indica or the Sativa strain as per your preference. You can even buy the cannabis seeds mix pack to know the right seeds for your cannabis growth indoors after its germination. 

You can easily germinate the seeds by directly putting them in the soil. But, there are certain points to keep in mind while germinating the seeds. 

Tip 1: Put the cannabis seeds in a growing container about 1 cm deep. Ensure to use tightly packed moist soil in the container.

Tip 2: Keep the indoor temperature in the range of 20-25°C for the better germination of your seeds. 

Tip 3: You can select a larger grow container if you don’t want to transplant the cannabis. This will allow the plants to mature in the same natural spot.

Select Your Growing Room


If you want to grow cannabis in larger quantities, you will need a large spacious room. But, for growing a small number of cannabis plants, an average-sized room is enough.

You can choose to grow cannabis in your basement, closet, extra room, or tent. There are several grow stores that offer tents of varied sizes and prices. 

Well, the crucial point to keep in mind while buying or making your grow room is the quantity you want to grow. 

If you’re a new grower, you can start making one or two plants. You can easily grow small quantities in a less spacious room. 

Ensure Proper Growing Lights for Light Exposure


You must that growing cannabis will need a high-powered source of light. So, choosing the grow lights is a crucial part of your checklist. 

You will encounter a wide variety of grow lights in the market. Try to avoid cheap lights like incandescent bulbs. 

You can choose among these grow lights for your indoor cannabis growth. 

LED Grow Lights

It is one of the most common and preferable lights for cannabis growers. 

These highly efficient lights consume a lesser amount of electricity compared to other grow lights.

These lights also generate less heat, making the best choice for your temperature maintenance in the growing room. 

However, buy the LED lights from a branded manufacturer for long-lasting effects. 

HID Grow Lights

High-Intensity Discharge or HID grow lights are efficient, high-powered and affordable lights.

These grow lights are beneficial for two stages of cannabis growth. If you use two types of HID grow lights, you will experience the best cannabis growth indoors. 

In the vegetative stage, the metal halide HID lights will provide a cool bluish light, best for your cannabis plant development. 

In the flowering stage, you can use the high-pressure sodium lights for a red light spectrum to boost the growth and quality of the buds. 

Get Your Growing Medium


You can grow cannabis through various cultivation techniques such as aeroponics and hydroponics. But the best solution to grow your cannabis is soil. 

Not only new growers, but several master growers prefer the use of soil as their main growing method. If you’re a new grower, start growing in soil. 

Here are a few soil-growing mediums for your cannabis growth indoors. 

Soil Mix

You can buy soil mix for cannabis-specific growth from various local or online stores. You have to choose a soil mix with a rich source of nutrients and well-draining.

But, these soil mixes cannot last for the entire period of your cannabis growth. However, if your cannabis plants reach the flowering stage, you will need less nitrogen and a large amount of potassium and phosphorus. 

In such cases, you will need an extended release of fertilizers or supplements to support the needs of nutrients. 

You can even make your own super soil mix after a few years of growth. You can mix ingredients like vermiculite, worm castings, perlite, etc., to create your own effective soil mix.

Additionally, get the best quality plastic container for keeping the soil mix to grow your cannabis plants. 

Proper Nutrients And Supplements For Your Cannabis Plants


It is essential to provide proper nutrients and supplements to your cannabis plants for their enhanced growth. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind about the nutrients of your cannabis growth.

Tip 1: Try to avoid overfeeding the seedlings. They are too sensitive to excess nutrients. If your cannabis growth is showing freshly sprouted seedlings, feed them with very light doses of nutrients. 

Tip 2: During the vegetative stage, give higher amounts of nitrogen and lesser amounts of potassium and phosphorus in the nutrients or supplements. 

Tip 3: In the flowering stage, the cannabis plant craves more potassium and phosphorus and avoids nitrogen. So, apply the nutrients accordingly in this stage. 

Proper Way To Water Your Cannabis Plants


If you’re a new grower, avoid excessive watering of the cannabis plants. It may not give you the best results. 

You have to water regularly but in a precise way. You have to water the soil enough until you see water draining from the bottom of your plastic container. 

Now, allow your soil to dry and water again. 

You can use distilled water for the plants as it is free from any treated chemicals or trace minerals. 

Maintaining The PH Level Of Your Water And Nutrients


If you’re a new grower, you must know the correct pH level of water and nutrients for your cannabis plants. 

If you do not maintain the pH level of water and nutrients, your plant may stop absorbing nutrients. This can happen even if nutrients are present and ultimately affect the growth. 

You must maintain the pH level of your water or nutrient solution within the range of 6.0-7.0. You can use a pH-measuring drop or pH meter, easily available in the grow store. 

Proper Air Circulation And Ventilation


Your indoor growth of cannabis will need proper air circulation and ventilation. This is essential for removing unwanted smells and air filtration. 

If you’re growing a small number of cannabis plants, a simple oscillating fan will do the work. 

If growing huge, you will need an intake and exhaust fan system in your grow room. 

This air circulation will help you to maintain the temperature and humidity. It will even protect your plants from molds or pests. 

So, look for all these essential factors in your checklist to grow the best quality cannabis indoors. 

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