What’s the difference between Sativa and Indica?

The two popular and traditional weeds are cannabis Indica and cannabis Sativa. The differences between Indica dominant cannabis strains and Sativa dominant cannabis strains are several. There is no difference between Indica and Sativa cannabis plants, in scientific and legal ways. And all cannabis plants are considered cannabis Sativa.

Indica strains have different effects on the body and mind compared to Sativa strains. Surprisingly, both have different medicinal benefits. An Indica strain is usually associated with deep relaxation, while Sativa strains provide an energetic experience.

How does Sativa differ from Indica? 

Coming to Sativa traits, it is native to tropical climates and can be found naturally growing in Thailand, Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico, and parts of Africa.

Sativa plants are adapted to grow with large elongate internodal spacing, intelligent buds, and narrow leaves to cope with long, hot, and humid summers. This kind of structure helps plants be protected against high humidity in these areas and protects them from molds or pests.

They are generally better suited for outdoor growth because sativa plants are tall. They grow well in warm, tropical climates in places that have long summers.

The sativa effects 

Sativa plants make a significant difference in effect, but it is easy for a connoisseur of natural hemp to tell the differences from the taste.

Underlying the lively taste and smell of aromatic weed are phytochemicals known as terpenes. And each sativa –dominant strain has different proportions of these molecules.

One more quality of Sativa plants is they produce earthy and fuel-like flavors. However, sativa typically provokes intense laughter and energy. 

For people who feel dull, the use of sativa strain often increases creative talent.

About sativa flowering 

Sativas grow and flower at the same time instead of different vegetation and blooming stages. The sativa will grow, and flowers will form simultaneously in their native environment and the cycle of 12/12 indoors.

Once flowering, sativa can grow very rapidly and will often continue to gain height in its bloom stage.


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